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Chiva-Som International Health Resorts Co. Ltd. is a private company that
was founded in Thailand in 1993 by Thailand's former Deputy Prime Minister,
Mr. Boonchu Rojanastien. The Board of Governors includes former Thai Prime Minister, Mr. Anand Panyarachun, former Deputy Minister of Public Health,
Dr. Athasit Vejjajiva, and well-known Thai business personalities.

Chiva-Som Hua Hin, Asia's first luxury health resort, occupies 7 acres of beachfront land and opened in 1995 for a total investment of US$26 million. The 58-room resort continued to grow in reputation and is now consistently recognized as one of the world's leading five-star destination spas by the readers of the industry's most prestigious media. (click for awards)

In order to meet the growing demands of the resort and the burgeoning global spa industry, Chiva-Som Academy was launched in 2002. Located in Bangkok, the Academy is an internationally accredited spa training school, and is wholly owned by Chiva-Som.

Chiva-Som's reputation is founded on an uncompromising dedication to quality, service and a philosophy of providing holistic programs that effectively meet its guests' needs. This dedication to results, combined with consistently excellent standards, has won favour with guests including royalty, heads of state, diplomats, international actors, musicians, sport stars and other VIPs from many nations.

With the foundations firmly laid, Chiva-Som is now seeking to expand internationally by collaborating with carefully selected partners for appropriately exclusive locations.


Chiva-Som's business philosophy is summed up by its name, which in Thai means 'Haven of Life'. The tri-part logo represents the mind, body and spirit, the combined health of which we believe is the key to personal fulfillment.

A wellness resort is distinguished from regular resorts by its depth and breadth of wellness services. Chiva-Som's wellness services must address the complete mental, physical and spiritual needs of every guest. The philosophical focus of Chiva-Som Hua Hin is Longevity which requires comprehensive services in each of 6 service modalities:

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  • Nutrition: food and beverage is a cornerstone of Chiva-Som's approach to wellness, having won worldwide recognition and many awards for its ability to create exclusively healthy gourmet cuisine. Services include dining, consultation, supplements, retail and education.
  • Fitness: sophisticated fitness services facilitate maximum benefit for every guest. Services start with physical analysis and progress through tailored programmes that motivate guests to achieve their goal.
  • Physiotherapy: a particular strength of Chiva-Som, all physiotherapy treatments start with an analysis of posture and musculoskeletal balance, followed by a massage, exercise, rehabilitation or recovery programme.
  • Technical Beauty: Chiva-Som is well-equipped with the latest U.S. FDA-approved technology. Non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures are conducted by highly trained Thai anti-aging doctors, and deliver good and quick results for any guest.
  • Holistic Health: various natural diagnostics and therapies help to identify and heal both acute and chronic conditions, including emotional, mental and physical concerns. Therapies aim to address the root cause such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, herbal remedies, etc.
  • Spa: the wide variety of massages and hydrothermal facilities meet different physiological needs, such as relaxation, pain relief, improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation, muscle tone, skin texture and general sense of wellbeing. Additionally, body and facial treatments are offered for total body beauty, pampering and relaxation purpose.


The core competency of Chiva-Som is in its differentiated management model, which has been recognized and rewarded since inception. In pursuit of leveraging this competency, only selective growth opportunities with synergistic partners will be considered and pursued.

Form of engagement between a proposed developer and Chiva-Som takes place as Management Agreements, whereby the developer assumes the financial investment and Chiva-Som acts as the Manager and Operator on behalf of the developer.

Chiva-Som has targeted 3 types of business expansions:

1) Chiva-Som Wellness Resort
Location: upscale leisure destination, exotic, tranquil, pristine, natural features.
Including Chiva-Som Hua Hin, it is anticipated that there will be only another 3 Chiva-Som branded wellness resorts worldwide.
Facilities: up to 60 accommodation units with full range of wellness facilities
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2) Wellness Resort and/or Residence
Location: popular leisure destination, distinctive features.
Number of worldwide properties will be total of 5.
Facilities: up to 120 resort units + 30 luxury villas (or 120 residential units) with tailored wellness facilities (market tailored)
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3) Urban Wellness Centres
Location: prime Central Business District locations where there is a sufficiently affluent society interested in Health & Wellness.
There are only 10 properties worldwide to be selected.
Facilities: between 10-30 treatment rooms with tailored wellness facilities (market tailored)
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Chiva-Som will play an active role in the design stage, both for functionality and to ensure that all projects comply with the company's strong policies on sustainability.

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